Weeknote 0028

Key in the front door

  • This week, one item dominates. My next home will be one I own. It took a long, long time to get here.
  • This bit makes people’s eyebrows shoot up: I didn’t see it before buying it. The first time I visited was five days after I owned it. It’s important in life to find people whose opinion you can trust. This has been an exercise in precisely that.
  • The bones are good. Everything else needs attention. The first job is to figure out exactly what needs doing to bring an old building up to a modern standard of living.
  • Plus, a new city. I’ve worked in Bristol for a year, but in the way we now work in places: I’ve swung by from time to time. So more accurately, I’ve worked out of Bristol. And now I have to properly learn my way around.
  • This is a tab I’ve had open for a couple of weeks: The Beginners’ Guide to Spray Paint Vandalism.