Weeknote 0017

  • The feeling of making progress seems to operate independently of progress itself. This is something of which I remind myself when working on the campervan conversion. Even though progress is happening all the time, it feels as if only sometimes there’s a step forward.
  • In the middle of the van, there’ll be an upholstered bench either side. Both lift up to reveal… (more about that another time). They’ve been designed to be as light as possible. The downside is they’re not standalone, like regular furniture: they can’t be sat upon until the’re completely installed.
  • This weekend I cleared most of the tasks that need to be done before the benches can be finished off, which feels like progress even though most of it is just fiddling about.
  • Related: sometimes slide decks come together easily, other times it’s a real struggle. This week I’ve been flip-flopping between three presentations that are all proving difficult to write.
  • Sunday night is a good time for a crime thriller, but not necessarily outside your own house. Drugs proliferate here. After a while you can recognise it everywhere, the way you might spot mail being delivered. Tatty, non-descript hatchbacks are commonly used, and one tore past while we were watching TV. Unfortunately for them, our road is a 180m dead end. Police cars piled in behind. One person was quickly detained, while officers went door-to-door and dogs went garden-to-garden presumably looking for another. All very lively for a school night. I hate it here.
  • A good day filming for Lumino today. We have such a great community of talented and committed people, and I feel lucky every day. I said some vaguely coherent things on video, and looked gormless in stills. All in a day’s play.